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Winter Services

Dependable Snow Removal & Plowing Services in Delta and Lower Mainland

Canada has its share of below-freezing cold, which can have a damaging effect on your property. Sometimes when you leave for work, it might be bright sunshine, but as soon as it’s time to come back home, the entire pathway might be clad with snow. To beat the continuous snowfall stress, Elite Paving Ltd provides efficient and reliable snow removal services in Delta and Lower Mainland. We are just a call away to provide you with weather services like snow plowing, de-icing and draining sleet and rainwater from your streets, parking lots and driveways to have them safe and accident-free, not accident-prone. Our experts are trained in employing modern and fully compliant equipment and use a variety of products for the winter season, including salt, sand or a combination of the two, as well as environmentally-friendly de-icing (ice melt) products.


Don't wait till it snows, be prepared! Trust us with your safety as we are efficient enough to keep your customers, employees and neighbours safe from falls, slips and poor driving conditions.

Our Range of Winter Services

Our prompt, friendly and professional crew will offer you the following services in the chilling winters:

Quick call dispatch for emergencies.

Snow removal for commercial and industrial properties.

Surface salting to avoid snow-in.

Contractual snow grooming and maintenance.

Request a free quote on snow removal and plowing services.

Other Services

Elite Paving Ltd can help you to keep your industrial, commercial, residential and municipal properties working with the list of services other than snow removal and plowing, including:


Our clients

At Elite PavingLtd, we understand that blocked entryways and snow-filled parking lots leading to your home or business are more than just an inconvenience. To keep your property snow and ice-free during winters, we provide our snow removal and plowing services to the following clients.



Homeowners are familiar with the havoc that snowfall can cause if not removed immediately. We offer efficient snow removal services to keep your home safe; walkways, decks and patio clear, and your lawn beautiful in winters and other seasons to follow. We treat every snow plowing and removal job with the same sense of urgency. Beginning with an initial evaluation, we arrive at your home to identify and mark any lawn features, curbs and other obstacles that may be hidden under snowfall to ensure plowing doesn’t destroy your landscape.



Heavy snowfall can cause great inconvenience to commercial business owners and retail properties in Delta and Lower Mainland. The parking lots and entrance to the buildings might get blocked, making it impossible for your customers to enter the premises, causing financial loss. To help you out and get back to your customers, we provide the best commercial snow removal services in Delta and Lower Mainland!



We also provide industrial snow removal and plowing services to the property owners that require state-of-the-art techniques, materials and equipment to keep the entrance of the property clean and clear of snow and ice. Our team ensures that the safety of your employees and valuable customers doesn’t get compromised while on your property. No matter how big or small your industrial property is, our snow plowing crew works with each client to mark out the areas of snow removal and areas of snow placement while ensuring you get regular updates of the removal process.


If you have any snow removal emergency at your property, give us a call , our technicians will take care of the ice and snow.



Why Hire a Professional for Snow Removal in Delta and Lower Mainland?

While you can remove it yourself throughout the winter season, it helps to call professionals for snow clearing from your property. Some of the benefits of utilizing our snow removal services include:

  • Safety : Excess snow can cause slip and fall if you start doing the removal and plowing yourself. Bringing in the professionals for snow removal can help you stay safe during the winter.
  • Prompt and timely work : The process of snow removal requires the use of shovels and other tools. It can be a tedious job if you do not know the right techniques to use them, whereas professionals trained to do this job will have the right equipment and techniques to safely and quickly remove snow from your property.
  • Cost-effective solution : Although most people believe that hiring a snow removal company is expensive, it is cost-effective in the long run as you don’t have to buy the expensive equipment and snowblower yourself.
  • Quality results : Professionals can help you clear your property without leaving a trace of snow behind.
  • Clean aesthetics : Professionals can help clean up the snow, offering exceptional curb appeal.


If you are looking for reliable snow removal contractors to help you out this winter, contact us today!



Why Choose Us?

  • Reliable, trustworthy and honest service provider.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Clean, branded and quality equipment
  • Timely response to emergencies
  • Professional and knowledgeable team

Cost-effective Snow Plowing and Removal Services in Delta and Lower Mainland

Our crew is trained to provide you with extreme weather services.

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