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Commercial Complex Excavation and Paving Services

Your customers and patrons make a first impression about your business based on the property’s exteriors. Make sure it is a positive one with quality paving. Look no further for expert advice on commercial paving services in the Lower Mainland than Elite Paving. We bring our expertise and experience to every job and make your courtyards, pathways, parking lots and driveways safe and aesthetically pleasing at competitive prices. 

As a commercial establishment, it is imperative to look approachable and welcoming, and that is our mindset when it comes to paving your spaces. With our state-of-the-art, in-house equipment and trucks, we will cover your job within the stipulated time and budget and leave your commercial establishment looking well-maintained and wonderful. Our team utilizes modern excavation equipment and techniques to deliver accurate results in every project. For more information on your commercial excavation and paving services, get in touch with us today.

We Provide the Following Services for Commercial Establishments:

Asphalt Paving
Your commercial complex pathways and parking can benefit from our asphalt paving with desirable results. Our paving will leave your office parking lot looking smooth, clean and inviting with a blacktop coating, for the ideal atmosphere.

Drainage Installation
Minimize property damage by extreme weather, water, ice, sleet and snow, by installing an efficient drainage system. This also helps with patron safety and reduction in damage.

Excavations and Grading
Our highly skilled operators can be hired on contract for site excavation and grading.

Line Painting
We handle line painting for shopping centres, business parks, recreation centres, public areas to make them safe and usable.

Seal Coating
Revitalize your asphalt pavement with seal coating to strengthen it, make it durable and give it a clean refurbished look.

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