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Expert Paving Contractor for Industrial complexes

We provide assured and quality guidance to the Lower Mainland’s industrial community. We have counselled and undertaken key paving projects for the last few decades for shopping centre owners and managers, hospital owners, retail business owners and across the industrial and commercial business landscape, with quality pavement and municipal services. 

We are privileged to be offered a multitude of asphalt paving projects, as a result of which we have built a professional reputation in our line of work. Read on to understand our scope of work and what utilities and services can we provide for residential, commercial and industrial setups.

Clientele We Serve

We do justice to your commercial paving requirements.

Our paving services encompass all industries and institutions.

We offer contractual work for everything from planned road work to sidewalk repairs.

We provide quality maintenance and upkeep of residential areas, driveways, parking areas and more.

We offer complete overhauling, paving and repairing of old strata parking lots and more.

The Services We Offer Are Useful for:

Hospitals and medical centres

Multi-res owners and managers

Industrial work yards

Office owners and managers

Residential homeowners


Recreational homeowners

Schools and educational institutions

Shopping centre and retail property owners and managers

Sports courts

Winter conditions

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