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Excavation and Grading

Trusted Excavating & Grading Contractors in Delta and Lower Mainland

At Elite Paving Ltd., we have plenty of trained staff and specialized equipment to accept and successfully conclude any size of excavation project — while keeping within budget and maintaining the high standards that you have come to expect from us. Our team will assess the area that you wish to remediate, and offer advice on the quickest and easiest way to execute your vision. If you seek the removal of old pavement, our team can handle it for you efficiently and cleanly, using our in-house equipment, trucks and excavators. 


We provide grading services for residential, commercial, industrial lots and more. With a large equipment fleet and an extremely experienced staff, we can deliver the results you need for virtually any type of property. We frequently go above and beyond for our clients, providing assistance and advice when necessary and keeping an open line of communication at all times. Elite Paving’s professional grading teams can come in at any phase of your project, and we commit to a schedule by drawing on our years of experience in the industry.

At Elite Paving, our focus is always on providing our customers with an aesthetically pleasing final product that is durable, functional and cost-effective. With our expertise and in-house equipment, we safely remove old surfaces and redesign your area, leaving it looking brand new!

We have completed thousands of excavation and grading projects and with our elite guarantee, you will be happy with the end results. Being one of the most reputable excavating and grading companies allows us to provide a wide range of services for residential , commercial , strata and municipal clients.


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Why You May Need Excavation Services

Big storms can severely impact a region, making it difficult to rebuild your property after a calamity. Flood damage is also a possibility, which can lead to erosion and drainage concerns. Standing water on your home is never a good idea because it can harm your lawn and attract insects. Excavation services may be required to clean up the area and prevent future threats.


Excavation services can be used in activities such as:

  • Cleaning up the environmental contamination
  • Installing or repairing underground pipes
  • Fixing uneven land
  • Removing trees and other unwanted items
  • Digging ponds or sewer lines
  • Adding a basement
  • And more


Why Hire a Professional Excavation Contractor in Delta?

Excavating is a risky job. You could wind up inflicting irreversible harm to your property or hurting yourself if you don't have the right tools, expertise, and equipment. Some people believe that doing these projects themselves or hiring a contractor that does not specialize in excavation will save them money. However, performing excavation on your own or hiring an unskilled worker can cost you extra money and hassle in the long run.


Relying on a professional contractor for an excavation job is ideal for the process. Here at Elite Paving Ltd, we have the required experience and knowledge to make your excavating project in Delta and Lower Mainland less time-consuming and more efficient. For more information on excavation and paving, please check out our blog .

Excavating From the Old to the New

Undertaking an activity like excavation means that you wish to utilize your old space for a new set of amenities: perhaps a new parking lot or driveway, or maybe even revert to a green area or playground for children. 

Through one call, our entire fleet of excavating services are at your disposal. We start from the planning stage, and through excavation, removal, and grading, we provide you with top-quality results. We can install sealants, topsoil, aggregates, and other materials and finish your excavation project by repaving and resurfacing to convert your area into the amenity of your choice. If you need quality excavating or land clearing services for a project, turn to the experienced professionals at Elite Paving – we will do it just right the first time.

Why Choose Us for Excavation Services in Delta and Lower Mainland

Elite Paving Ltd has experience working with various excavation projects, including commercial, residential, and municipal clients. A successful excavation depends on paying enough attention to the elevation, grades, and flood prevention. We understand the necessity of following proper methods and recognizing the complete scope of the project. We have the skills and equipment to meet all of your excavating needs. We work to provide utmost safety to our clients and carry out operations in a secure manner.


Reach out to us if you have any excavation issues.




Professional Excavating Contractors in Delta and Lower Mainland

Get reliable and quality excavating services with Elite Paving Ltd.

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